A Year at OCM

Campus Calendar

With annual campus festivals and events, end-of-year recitals and regularly-held concerts, an exciting campus life full of music and friends awaits you at the Osaka College of Music!

  ・Entrance ceremony
・Freshman orientation
・Health exam
・Start of first semester classes
◎Entrance Ceremony
From the opening fanfare to the singing of the national anthem and school song, this live orchestra performance can only be experienced at a college of music. This is the moment your student life at the OCM begins.

A live event sponsored by the OMSBI. Held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at an off-campus concert hall. From classical music to jazz and pop, enjoy student performances in a variety of genres.

◎Summer Open Campus
With facility tours and concerts and classes for participants to attend, get to know the ins and outs of Osaka College of Music.

◎Campus Festival
Our campus festival is held in November. Along with the concerts in our Opera House and Millennium Hall, this festival is filled with food stalls, games, and various other fun events.

◎Autumn Open Campus
Picking up from our summer open campus, we have prepared a new lineup of activities for fall. Receive individual career counseling and other specific advice during this open campus.

◎Annual College Concert
As a culmination of the year’s achievements, we annually hold a year-end concert at the Symphony Hall. The experience of being able to perform on a grand stage in a first-rate, off-campus concert hall is one that can only be realized at the Osaka College of Music.

◎Graduation Ceremony
Just like the entrance ceremony, our graduation ceremony is accompanied by a live orchestral performance. The performance by current students wishing the newly graduated a fond farewell will bring tears to the eyes.
  ・Internship orientation
  ・Career guidance for soon-to-be graduates (3rd year students)
・Career counseling (2nd year students)
・Open campus ‘Brass Band Festival’
・Summer open campus vol.1 ‘Jazz, Popular music, etc.'
  ・First semester practical exams
・Summer vacation
・Summer open campus vol. 2 ‘focusing on classical music’
  ・Start of second semester classes
・Auditions for performing in our various on-campus concerts
・Career guidance for soon-to-be graduates (1st year junior college students)
  ・Anniversary of the founding of OCM
  ・Campus festival
・Internship orientation
・Autumn open campus ‘facilities and classes are open to the public’
  ・Osaka College of Music’s annual College Concert
・Winter vacation
   ・Classes resume
 ・Second semester practical exams
・Spring vacation
・Annual Osaka College of Music Student Opera
  ・Annual Junior College Brass Band Concert
・Regular Brass Band Concert
・Junior College Graduation Ceremony Performance
・OCM Graduation Ceremony Performance
・Graduation ceremony
・Interactive learning open campus