Introducing a variety of courses and
subjects at the Osaka College of Music.

About Our Special Lectures

Throughout the year, we invite a number of renowned musicians and performers to deliver special lectures. By listening to lectures outside of your field of expertise, you will be exposed not only to a world transcending your major but receive added stimulation to your studies.

List of Lectures for the 2013 School Year

◎Special Lectures on Composition Mr. Jean-Luc Hervé
Mr. Pierre Monti 
◎Special Lectures on Musicology Mr. Tadashi Isoyama (visiting professor)
Mr. Douglas Woodfull-Harris
◎Special Lectures on Vocal Performance Ms. Setsuko Takemoto (visiting professor)
Mr. Akira Kodama (OCM professor)
Mr. Hiroshi Matsui (visiting professor)
Ms. Orianne Moretti
Mr. Josua Bartsch (full-time lecturer at Musashino Academia Musicae)
◎Special Lecture on Piano Mr. Lee Kim-Sing
◎Graduate School Special Lecture on Piano
◎Graduate School Special Lecture on Piano Ensemble
◎Special Lecture on BI/IV for Specialized Piano Research
Ms. Yasuko Matsuda
◎Special Lecture on Euphoniums Mr. Brian Bowman (professor at North Texas University)
◎Special Lectures on Horns Mr. Wolfgang Wipfler (Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra)
Mr. Hector McDonald
◎Special Lecture on Trombones Mr. Jacques Mauger (trombone soloist)
◎Special Lectures on Clarinets Mr. Dirk Altmann (Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra)
Mr. Pascal Moragues (visiting professor)
◎Special Lecture on Saxophones Mr. Claude Delangle (visiting professor)
◎Special Lecture on Flutes Mr. Shigenori Kudo (visiting professor)
◎Special Lecture on Cellos Mr. Ko Iwasaki (visiting professor)
◎Special Lecture on Chamber Music (string instruments) II Ms. Yasuko Matsuda
◎Special Lecture on Popular Music Mr. Stewart Mansfield and Mr. Steve Evans