Introducing a variety of courses and
subjects at the Osaka College of Music.

Composition Major ・Vocal Performance Major ・Instrumental Music Major

Pursue advanced musicianship with first-rate, professional instruction

At Osaka College of Music’s Graduate School of Music, we have prepared a multitude of opportunities and venues for you to realize your full potential and achieve advanced musical development. You will also acquire the cultural accompaniments expected of a musician. At the end of your 1st year you will present your research results at our recital for M.A. recipients and at our Graduate School Concert you will mix with the other majors to exchange your musical expertise and create a truly majestic performance.

Inviting the leading experts from various fields, our ‘varieties of artistic cultures’ lectures

Along with possessing expert knowledge and skill, the ideal musician should also have a broad perspective and rich cultural character. In order to expose our students to the foremost opinions and let them experience music and art from a variety of angles, we invite instructors from a myriad of fields to hold our ‘varieties of artistic cultures’ lectures. Leading composers, authors, Noh actors of Kyogen-kata and more are invited to present at this series of lectures.

Composition Major
Vocal Performance Major Instrumental Music Major

Composition Research Room

At our composition research room we investigate similarities and differences between Japan and other cultures of the world. Through the creation of modern Japanaese music, we develop the human talent that will one day use music culture to participate in international society. 


Musicology Research Room

Here we carry out academic research and cultivate human talent that will one day contribute to society through musicology research and the study of music. We aim to create a research environment that transcends the traditional fields of western music, Japanese music, folk music, etc.

Opera Research Room

Placing special importance on the fundamentals of singing, we further develop the student's song and performance skills. Searching for a program that best matches your character and vocal qualities, we research both singing and acting in order to cultivate well-rounded opera singers.

Song Research Room

From German and Japanese songs to religious music and more, we conduct research on the art of song from a broad elevated perspective to further expand our musical knowledge. We also invite renowned musicians and professors from both inside and outside Japan to lead our classes.

Piano Research Room

Develop a broad perspective as well as deep understanding and insight of the piano with studies including piano performance, concerts, piano performance practice, piano song analysis, piano instruction methods and more. We have also put effort into chamber music research and accompaniment methods in order to provide more comprehensive research on piano music.

Wind, String and Percussion Instruments Research Room

Aquire richer expressive ability and a more advanced skill set. Research a variety of topics from solo and chamber music to orchestral music, music education and more. We have also set up an internship program for the College Opera House Orchestra.