The many concerts of Osaka College of Music

◇01 Annual College Concert

Held every year at the Symphony Hall. 2013 was the 56th year of this traditional annual performance.
●The Symphony Hall

◇02 Brass Band Concert

This brass band concert is held every year at the Symphony Hall for our college students and at the College Opera House for our junior college students.

●The Symphony Hall / The College Opera House

◇03 Student Opera

The Student Opera is held at the College Opera House. In 2013 we performed ‘Cosi fan tutte’, in 2014 ‘Don Giovanni’ and in 2015 are scheduled to perform ‘Die Zauberflote’.

●The College Opera House

◇04 The College Concert

A joint recital where specially selected students deliver solo performances for your enjoyment.

●Millennium Hall

◇05 The String Concert

This concert is a joint venture put on by string instrument majors in our college and junior college. It is held at our Millennium Hall.

●Millennium Hall

◇06 The Concerto Concert

After passing an audition, a select group of students carry out our concerto concert. The orchestra consists of the College Opera House Symphony.

●The College Opera House

◇07 Japanese Music Concert

Professors and performers join with our college and junior college students in holding this event at our Millennium Hall.

●Millennium Hall

◇08 Recital of Composed Works

Every semester our students gather at the Millennium Hall to present the solo and chamber music pieces they have composed.

●Millennium Hall

◇09 Jazz Concert

Jazz majors and course students come together in our Millennium Hall to perform at this jazz festival.

●Millennium Hall


◇10 Musical Course Public Rehearsal      

In 2013 we performed the musical ‘Marilyn’. The script, songwriting and production are all the original work of Professor Michihiro Hattori.

●Millennium Hall


◇11 Popular Music Course Concert

A performance centered on popular western music put on by our second year junior college students and advance course students. 2013’s concert was held at Sankei Hall Breeze in Umeda, Osaka.

●Sankei Hall Breeze

◇12 Electronic Organ Course Concert ‘Flying Live’

Held at the College Opera House, this performance incorporates a variety of genres from classical to jazz.

●The College Opera House

◇13 Dance Performance Course Recital

A joint performance by current and recently graduated students. All works are originally choreographed and present a variety of dance styles from Japanese and classical to ballet and jazz.

●Toyonaka Municipal Rose Cultural Hall

◆List of Concerts and Recitals

Millennium Student Concert / 20th Century Opera Series / The Laurel Concert (Grand Prize Recipient Concert) / Annual Concert of the Osaka College of Music’s Graduate School / The Concerto Concert / The College Concert / The String Concert / Recital of Composed Works / Japanese Music Concert / Osaka College of Music Annual Concert / Electronic Organ Course Concert ‘Flying Live’ / Popular Music Course Concert / Closing Concert for the Piano Musician Special College Course / Jazz Concert / Musical Course Public Rehearsal